LA BreakOut SwimmerS Club

2016 Summer Swim Camp!

Camp Highlights:P1000608

* For competitive swimmers ages 8-14 who currently swim between 3,000-6,000 yards per practice
* Each camp provides a balance between mental, physical, nutritional education, and technical training.
* Swim training sessions will focusing on technique and drill instruction covering all four strokes, starts, and turns as well as other sessions focusing on endurance training
* 12:1 camper to coach ratio (no more than 24 swimmers per camp)
* Snacks and catered lunches will be provided by various local restaurants
* Video analysis of the Olympic finals and World Championships discussing proper technique and race strategy


 Camp Goals:


* Receive individualized feedback and stroke correction
* Learn new drills for all 4 strokes and understand the purpose/focus of each drill
* Apply drills through purposeful sets and practices
* Perfect streamlines, underwater dolphin kicks, and breast stroke pull-downs
* Improve starts off the blocks, relay take-offs,  and backstroke starts
* Practice and improve upon flip turns, open turns, and IM-transition turns
* Learn to swim more efficiently by working on distance per stoke and tempo
* Build upon and maintain endurance through challenging and focused swimming practices
* Participate in mental activities like imagery, goal setting, and focus for race preparation and competition



Swim Camp #1: June 20-24, 2016

Times: 10am-5pm Monday-Friday (Wednesday will likely be 1pm-5pm)

Cost: $500 first swimmer, $400 for all other swimmers of the same family