Private swim lessons to improve technique and efficiency

What we do

Individualized swim lessons

Learn To Swim

COMING SOON! One-on-one lessons for learn to swim.


Education on stroke technique, teaching the “why” behind the changes. We emphasize efficiency and mental engagement during each lesson, in order to apply the changes each day in practice. If you understand the “why”, you’re much more likely to “do”.

starts and turns

Get the early lead and keep your momentum going throughout the race. Starts and turns are like magic tricks, once you know the trick, it’s about practice, practice, practice. We TEACH you the TRICKS!

race preparation

Goal setting, nutrition, proper warm up/warm down, stretching, and all the other areas that contribute to executing in a race. This is about elevating your game and putting all the little pieces together in order to reach your goals

our mission

Teach swimmers of all ages and abilities how to BREAKOUT to the next level
Olympian, Simon Burnett, and World Champion, Whitney Myers

Simon and Whitney retired from professional swimmers in 2012 and created LA BOSS CLUB in order to pass on their knowledge and passion for the sport. Simon and Whitney both know the value of having technically sound strokes. Good technique not only prevents injuries but can also allow for drastic time improvements. With one-on-one instruction, swimmers are able to receive the feedback they don’t often receive at a club or masters workout. At L.A. BOSS CLUB, we provide immediate feedback and personalized drills based on the weaknesses we see in each swimmer’s stroke. We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities, from age group to masters, that are looking to BREAKOUT to the next level!

  • Develop body awareness in the water
  • Use a detail-oriented approach and provide immediate feedback
  • Explain reasoning behind stroke technique
  • Instill confidence to execute in a race

Meet the Coaches

World class swimmers pass on their knowledge to the next generation
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Whitney Myers Burnett

World Champion, Previous American Record Holder, 2007 NCAA Woman of the Year
“As the shortest swimmer on my college team, I was always looking for ways to compete against girls that were taller and stronger than me”
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Simon Burnett

3-Time Olympian, previous NCAA Record Holder, Commonwealth Games Champion
“I’ve always been a student of the sport, constantly looking for ways to move through the water faster and with less energy”


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